THE SPIRIT OF THE MOUNTAINS / Trebunie-Tutki (PL) & Quintet Urmuli (GE)

Highlanders from Podhale and Georgians from Kazbek have for centuries been free and independent shepherds, criminals, and valiant warriors, escaping any authority and led by an internal instinct and a sense of justice, pride and honour. Their music and strong male singing highlight these characteristics.
“The Spirit of the Mountains” is a coming together of ancient musical traditions, expressed by two bands highly acclaimed in their respective homelands – Trebunie-Tutki from Zakopane and Urmuli Quintet from Tbilisi. Using traditional shepherd instruments and polyphonic songs, the musicians tell stories of the highwayman way of life, love and death, and bring back to life the spirits of their ancestors – the legendary heroes of the mountains.

KRZYSZTOF TREBUNIA-TUTKA – voice, violin, higlander’s bagpipe, higlander’s flutes, whistling, Steep bells, wooden horn, double flute
ANNA TREBUNIA-WYROSTEK – voice, higlander’s cello, higlander’s voice glissando
JAN TREBUNIA-TUTKA – viola, voice
ANDRZEJ POLAK –   violin, voice
KUBA „BOBAS” WILK – double bass

NUGZAR KAVTARADZE –   voice, phanduri, duduk
SHALVA ABRAMASHVILI –   voice, chuniri
DAVID RATIANI –   voice, bass chonguri
TAMAZ MAMALADZE –  voice, bass phanduri, gudastviri (Georgian bagpipe)
GELA TABASHIDZE – voice, salamuri

Producer: Karol Czajkowski