The Quintet Urmuli from Tbilisi is the ensemble, formed in 1994 by Nugzar Kavtaradze – famous georgian singer, instrumentalist and composer, co-worker of Omar Kelaptrishvili and Izolda Pipia. The Band preserves Georgian traditional musical culture. They perform instrumental music as well as polyphonic songs, so characteristic of Georgian folklore and reaching back to the depths of the Middle Ages.
Traditional folk melodies are arranged by the musicians from the ensemble, with fidelity to the characteristics and manners typical for Georgian songs performed solo, with the accompaniment of exotic-sounding instruments such as duduk, salamuri, phanduri, chonguri, chuniri, chiboni and polyphonic songs.

NUGZAR KAVTARADZE – voice, phanduri, duduk
SHALVA ABRAMASHVILI – voice, chuniri
DAVID RATIANI – voice, bass chonguri
TAMAZ MAMALADZE – voice, bass phanduri, gudastviri (Georgian bagpipe)
GELA TABASHIDZE –  voice, salamuri